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Ayurvedic retreat kitchen

I am an Ayurvedic chef and Ayurvedic health advisor.

I have worked in many different retreat kitchens across Europe and gained work experience as a head chef, kitchen leader as well as working solo.


It is my mission to create food that nourishes all senses, that supports wellbeing of body, mind and spirit as much as it promotes sustainability for the earth.

Throughout your retreat I will provide a variety of abundant meals that are nourishing, fun, creative and pleasurable.

Why Ayurvedic?

Through my training as a yoga teacher, I first came across Ayurveda – a holistic and very much relatable practice that regards each person as an individual marvel with unique characteristics and needs. Ayurveda teaches that everything has an effect on our body, mind and energy system. 

Through trainings, workshops and my own experiences through Ayurvedic treatments, I have learned and felt that Ayurveda works on all levels. Nutrition has such a big impact on our body-mind system, it is not only what we eat but also when we eat and how it's being prepared.

To live with nature means to live in tune with its cycles both inside of us as well as in nature around us.

To (re)connect with nature through food means to observe and to listen to our bodies, to experience all our senses and return to our roots.

Sacred Soul Food - nourishing & abundant

The majority of the ingredients I use are locally sourced and organic. I try to support small farmers whenever I can and won’t compromise on quality.

I adapt my menus according to what is in season and available in the region I live/work and ideally know exactly where the produce comes from.


I follow basic Ayurvedic principles without being overly dogmatic. Meals are adapted to the season and time of day, dishes are suitable for everyone. My food is influenced by different cuisines that I got in touch with during my work experience in various countries and kitchens.

I get inspired by nature and wish to raise awareness around seasonal and sustainable eating.

My dishes are primarily plantbased and can be sattvic as well as gluten-free upon request

Work with me

Ich cater for retreats, teacher trainings, events and other occasions upon request.

I offer Ayurvedic cooking classes as well as workshops with different themes.

How I work

Menu planning: Designing menus guided by the principles of Ayurveda, taking into account seasonal variations, individual dosha imbalances and therapeutic goals (particularly when providing individualized treatment).


Selection of ingredients: Carefully selecting and sourcing ingredients based on their inherent qualities and the impact they have on balancing the doshas. This may involve using a variety of herbs, spices, grains, and vegetables known for their healing properties.

Preparation: Applying Ayurvedic cooking techniques to maximize the nutritional value and digestibility of food. This may include methods such as steaming, sautéing, and incorporating specific herbs and spices.


Customization: Tailoring recipes and meals to suit individual needs, considering factors such as body type, season, and any health imbalances that may be present. When catering for groups, a tridoshic balanced diet is provided. ​

Holistic approach: Integrating the principles of Ayurveda, such as mindfulness when eating, consciously preparing food and promoting a connection between mind, body and soul through food.

Education and communication:

Sharing knowledge about Ayurvedic principles, e.g. through lectures, workshops and cooking classes.


Work experience

Casa Fuzetta, Olhão, Portugal – Retreat Chef

Cocoon Portugal – Retreat Chef

Catering for Strala Yoga training at TreeHouse, Allgäu

Yoga Rocks Crete - Yoga retreat center in Crete, Greece

Surf & Snack Café – menu planning and recipe development​, Portugal

Catering at Haus Birnbaum, Brandenburg

Omassim – Yoga Retreat in Ericeira, Portugal​

Shambala Gatherings Sweden - Yoga Retreat Center & Community​

Coaching Spirale Berlin – Vegetarian lunch​ menu

Catering for retreats by Basilissa Jessberger, Brandenburg

“The preparation and consumption of food can also be regarded as a sacred ritual.
The food we eat becomes us: body, mind, and spirit.
It forms our very being. Cooking and eating are beautiful ways to connect to our bodies and to nature.”

– Myra Lewin
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