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Meditation & Mindfulness

Do you pay regular visits to yourself?

- Rumi

To me, a regular meditation practice is the greatest enrichment of my everyday life. Meditation to me does not mean to control the mind, but rather being present and mindful. When dealing with emotions and strong sensations, meditation and mindfulness practices can help developing love and compassion for myself and others. It offers me a sense of reconnection with myself and therefore with others. 

My first in-depth meditation experience was the vipassana meditation taught by Goenka. It is a practice which still feels like home today, though I have discovered and incorporated other forms of meditation for myself. I am currently studying with Tara Brach and include a variety of contemplative practices in my classes. Meditation and mindfulness practice provide a foundation through which personal growth is possible.


Life becomes so precious when we are fully present and allow life to live through us.

A modern and holistic, trauma sensitive framework is very important to me. Therefore I combine traditional techniques with neuro-physiological approaches around the nervous system, self-regulation techniques and Ayurvedic knowledge.

It's the power of devotion, patience and letting go that
allow things to happen within their own timing.


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