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Ayurvedic cuisine

I aim to create colourful, delicious, balanced & nourishing food.

To me, working with the fire element and transform raw ingredients into a meal such an ancient tradition and most of us living in modern society have lost our roots in the simplicity of cooking with what’s available and feeding all of our senses. Through my meals I aim to nourish mind, body & soul.

Why Ayurvedic?

Through my training as a yoga teacher, I first came across Ayurveda – a holistic and very much relatable practice that regards each person as an individual marvel with unique characteristics and needs. Ayurveda teaches that everything has an effect on our body, mind and energy system. 

Through trainings, workshops and my own experiences through Ayurvedic treatments, I have learned and felt that Ayurveda works on all levels. Nutrition has such a big impact on our body-mind system, it is not only what we eat but also when we eat and how it's being prepared.

To live with nature means to live in tune with its cycles both inside of us as well as in nature around us.

To (re)connect with nature through food means to observe and to listen to our bodies, to experience all our senses and return to our roots.

Sacred Soul Food - nourishing & abundant

My food is made from fresh and mostly locally grown produce. I follow basic Ayurvedic principles without being too dogmatic. Meals are adapted to the season and time of day, the dishes are suitable for everyone. I ensure the right food combinations in order to promote wellbeing and steady energy levels throughout the day.

I love to get inspired by local farmers markets and to reinterpret traditional recipes.

My dishes are mostly vegan and gluten-free. I bake gluten-free sourdough bread and avoid highly processed foods as much as possible. 

Work with me:

Catering for retreats, teacher trainings and events*

Cooking classes

Private cooking classes and private catering upon request*

*I'm currently based in Alentejo, Portugal.


Catering for Strala Yoga training at TreeHouse, Allgäu

Yoga Rocks Crete - Yoga retreat center in Crete, Greece

Surf & Snack Café – menu planning and recipe development​, Portugal

Catering at Haus Birnbaum, Brandenburg

Omassim – Yoga Retreat in Ericeira, Portugal​

Shambala Gatherings Sweden - Yoga Retreat Center & Community​

Coaching Spirale Berlin – Vegetarian lunch​ menu

Catering for retreats by Basilissa Jessberger, Brandenburg

“The preparation and consumption of food can also be regarded as a sacred ritual.
The food we eat becomes us: body, mind, and spirit.
It forms our very being. Cooking and eating are beautiful ways to connect to our bodies and to nature.”

– Myra Lewin
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