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Resonance – deep listening through Yin Yoga, Sound, Voice & Contemplative Practices

An invitation to open up to the subtle layers, to the ripples of sound and stillness.

Nov 19, 2.30-6.30 pm

This immersion with Yoav & Alena is an invitation to exlore the qualities of yin – the absence of light, the inner realms & open up to receptivity.

We will combine meditation and yin yoga practices with sound and voice to carry you into the depth of stillness.

Yin yoga is a restorative practice that includes little to no movement in the postures, you are invited to find softness. It's a rather meditative practice that can help cultivate interoception and meet what's alive inside of you, connecting with your felt sense.

Weaving together a journey of live sounds, vibrations and embodiment practices, our intention is to explore deep listening as a full body experience.

From this place of presence and interoception, you will dive deeper into self-inquiry through journaling & mindful dialogue.

We will finish this 4-hour practice with a closing circle and invite you to join us for a potluck dinner by the fire.

Every body is welcome. No previous experience required.


Alena is an experienced yin yoga and meditation teacher whose practices focus on somatic awareness. She is continuously aiming to build bridges between modern practices and ancient wisdom. She is sharing a trauma sensitive approach to yin yoga focusing on reestablishing a sense of wholeness within the body and finding belonging. Alena has studied various yoga traditions and contemplative practices and follows a non-dogmatic approach to yin and meditation.

She believes in the power of remembering our interconnection between each other and with nature.

Yoav is a sound magician and multi-instrumentalist, whose enchanting melodies and captivating rhythms have been transforming healing spaces for over 8 years. With a profound connection for sound and music, Yoav skillfully weaves a tapestry of harmonious vibrations, guiding participants on a journey of self-discovery and inner exploration.

With his innate ability to create a safe and nurturing environment, Yoav's presence infuses the space with warmth and grounding energy.

Yoav's repertoire is vast and diverse, encompassing a wide range of instruments from around the world.

More about Yoav:


We will gather at the beautiful Ritmo da Terra, nestled in a magical valley near Aljezur. More info:

We will provide water and tea. After we finish we invite you to join us for a potluck dinner by the fire – please bring something to share.

Yoga mats and props are available.

Price: Early Bird (until Nov 12): 35€

Late Bird (starting Nov 13): 44€


If you would like to attend but do not have the financial capacity, please reach out to us.

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