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Steinmörser und Stampfe

Spring Weekend Cleanse

A gentle Ayurvedic detox to rebalance and rejuvenate

April 25 - 28

What to expect...


"Just as the earth renews itself in the spring, you can also.

It may feel like an obvious thing to do, which in fact it is.

You are of nature and will be drawn to its rhythms."

– Hale Pule

Why do an Ayurvedic cleanse?

  • support natural rejuvenation without rigid fasting

  • no expensive juices or supplements needed – simplicity is key!

  • gain a basic understand of Ayurveda and understand how to make the right choices for yourself

  • learn a new approach to food and eating

  • create balance in body, mind and spirit

  • greater awareness and a new understanding of health

Join now and start the journey!

📅 When: April 25 - 28

🕒 Live calls:

1. April 25 – 8 pm CET

2. April 26 – 8 pm CET

3. April 28 – 11 am CET

The calls will be 60-90 min long

All calls will be recorded in case you miss one – I highly recommend to join them live.

📍 Where: Online - Join from anywhere!

✨ Investment: 99€ regular price

⏰ 88€ Early Bird price (until April 15)


Hi, I'm Alena. 

Certified Ayurvedic coach and Ayurvedic chef.

Studying Ayuveda since 2016.

Before Ayurveda came into my life, I was all over the place, trying different kinds of extreme fasts and contradictory diets, not knowing they caused even further imbalances in my system. I thought being bloated is normal and I wasn't aware how my fast paced lifestyle without any routine caused many health issues and a disregulated nervous system.

Not only did I heal my digestion and many imbalances through Ayurveda, it has led to a life in tune with nature's cycles. I have come to understand the healing qualities of my natural environment and how nature relates to my body. Today I know how to use nature's wisdom in order to return to balance. Part of my healing journey were extended Ayurvedic treatments including periods of seasonal "cleansing" which have had huge effects on my overall wellbeing and served as times for reflection and rejuvenation.

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